Helix Crashing in Progress

14 years. I spent 14 years on this book. Not consistently obviously, but I finished it this summer finally. And now… editing. Hopefully that will not take 14 years. Anyway, here is a tiny excerpt:

The cold had broken and shining rows of lilies lined the dust caked path toward the shattered castle.

Two figures enrobed in the thick folds of long, gray cloaks walked toward the enormous stone construct. Their hands were linked in such a fashion that the folds of their cloaks connected, obscuring their flesh from view. They swept across the dry ground, seeming to float rather than walk.  The taller of the two stood well over six feet, about a foot taller than the other. He was taller in both height and stature. The other man was his companion but also his underling.  They were slight and bony beneath their garments; but their strength came not from their arms.  The stone building raked the clouds ahead of them, although called a castle, it had no moat, no drawbridge, nor door for that matter.  The main entrance was open to the elements and the rest of the building was a hodgepodge of odd looking angles and jutting stone.  It looked as if a three-year-old designed the castle. Though its chaotic design served to add to its imposing nature. The jagged angles were sharp and looked as if they could sever limbs. The twisted version of the castle’s mangled silhouette cut a fearsome picture in the night sky.

The door, although open was guarded. Two guards stood firm. They seemed prepared to offer a harsh greeting to the visitors.  Each guard aimed a spear at the figures.  Both cloaked men paused.  Then the guards began to scream, their bodies contorted in anguish.  They dropped their weapons.  Their hipbones began expanding upward until they burst through the skin and scraped up against the men’s rib cages. A sickening grind as of stone on chalk vibrated through the dark air. The guards twitched and their vocal cords flexed trying to produce a scream that would never come.  After a few seconds, they collapsed in a twisted mockery of corpses; their bones so distended and bent that if they were happened upon one would never guess they had once been men.


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